About Us

Working together through a unique partnership; Meadow Burke, Thermomass and Halfen USA cooperatively operate as the North American Construction Accessories arm for CRH’s Building Products division.

These three industry-leading organizations are well positioned to deliver on CRH’s goal of quality, service, innovation and engineering design excellence across Canada, Mexico and the United States through trusted products and engineered solutions that enable faster, safer and more economical construction. 

Though each company retains its unique legacy, key sales, customer service, administration, manufacturing, supply chain and research and development have been aligned to drive more efficient business processes, reduce costs, improve worker safety and enhance the overall experience of our customers. 

All told, CRH’s Construction Accessories platform includes more than 3,000 employees in 13 companies across nearly 20 countries – all dedicated to providing value-creating,  innovative solutions for our customers around the world.